In 2012, launched  like a Aaron Rodgers “Hail Mary” into the end-zone in the 4th quarter.  The site at the time covered various corners of the 805Football landscape and offered a mix of insightful posts, team rankings, players of the week. It subsequently was also the first local site dedicated to football in the area and the first to offer real time scoring updates. While it successfully launched and generated a respective following, the site was relatively low-tech and represented, yes only 4 years ago, old-tech.  However, today is a new day.

Like football players themselves, Today 805Football regains its bearings, spits the dirt out of its mouth, and peels itself off the proverbial ground and dusts itself off.  As we speed into the 2017 football season, we look forward to offering you a new media solution not only in the way of a new look and feel but also offering top quality production.  Like the start to any football season, there will be a few false starts, a few delay of games, but over-all we aim to offer more of the same great content that we did in the past on a more regular basis while utilizing a new media platform to offer quality story telling covering High School and Youth Football all around the 805.  Be on lookout for new features, content, and site sections in the coming weeks and months.

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